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$EGMT is a new and only $GMT rewards token providing the highest $GMT reflection rewards on the Binance Smart Chain. 
We have transaction limit, you can buy coins MAX in one wallet.


About $EGMT

Get ready because I came to be the best coin of 2023.

$EGMT is a community-driven project built on the Binance Smart Chain that offers a unique opportunity for holders to earn passive income in the form of $GMT rewards.
$GMT is a BEP-20 token that is automatically distributed to all EGMT holders as transactions take place.

With a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000 $EGMT tokens, the project offers a fair distribution model with 50% of the supply burned at launch and 25% allocated to liquidity. The remaining tokens will be used for marketing, development, and community initiatives.

The team behind $EGMT is dedicated to creating a transparent and sustainable project with regular community events, giveaways, and partnerships.
The project has already achieved several milestones, including launching on PancakeSwap and adding a staking feature for EGMT holders to earn even more $GMT rewards.

Join the $EGMT community today and be part of a revolutionary project that rewards holders and supports the growth of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.


There is no project without a goal so feel free to take a look at our roadmap


The creation

Create Contract
Create website
Deploy Contract
Lock LP
Establish Community Channels(twitter,telegram,Discord)
Telegram 200 Members
Successful Launch
Reddit Trending
100k Market CapCoinhunt
Coin Alpha Listings
Telegram 1000 Members


The fundamentals

500k market cap
Coinmarketcap Listing
Flooz Listing & Web Integration
Our First dApp to claim manual rewards
1M Market cap
 CoinGecko Listing
25M Market cap
Acquire Land in The Sandbox to open EGMT Merchandises.
CEX Coin Tiger Listing with reward tokenomics(closed system).
TrustWallet Integration
Influencer Marketing (ongoing)
Mint Official NFTs w/ potential utility
Telegram 5000+ Members


The rise

LARGE Marketing Campaign
50M Market Cap
Big Metaverse themed browser game (w/ rewards)
Lottery System & Prize Pools
Staking & Reinvestment Options via DEX’
Strategic Partnerships
Heavy Mainstream Marketing Push
Acquire more land in the Sandbox 🙂


New goals

Begin development of Unity Engine Metaverse VR game @ $300M mc
ERC-20 Bridge
Capture large CEX listings
1B Market cap
Get on The News, become the next $GMT 🙂
25B Market Cap
Promotional Campaign On Burj Khalifa


Understand our fees and why in this session


Buy tax
(2% Rewards/2% Liquidity/2% Marketing)

The purchase rates are used for the development of the project and it is lower than the sale rate to encourage new investors to enter.


Sell tax
(4% Rewards/3% Liquidity/1% Marketing)

The sale fee is used to collect money to develop the project.


GMT Rewards

We give you 2% rewards in GMT to encourage you to hold our Coin.


Max wallet/Max Transactions

Having a maximum wallet and Max Transactions makes investors feel more comfortable.

distributed rewards (17/05/2022-01/06/2022)

Total $GMT distributed to holders.

1.996,96 gmt distributed

2.296,50 busd ($gmt at $1,15)

How to buy

Check how can you $EGMT

Step 1

Dowload Metamask

Download Metamask and follow the steps to create your wallet.
Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret, Do not share it with anyone ever!
We will never ask you for your seed phrase, ever!

Step 2

Purchase BNB

Purchase BNB and convert them into Binance Smart Chain.

Step 3

Did you want a max bag?

Remember, you can buy a maximum of 1% of coins per wallet.

Head over to Pancakeswap or Poocoin.App and enter the following contract address: 

Contract address will be available at launch

Set your slippage %

Proceed with swap

Step 4

Last Step

HOLD & Enjoy

FAQ (fixed supply)

The purpose of EGMT is to aware people about their physical fitness because people realized the importance of physical fitness during the pandemic season (COVID-19).

There’s minimum 0.10% limit required to get GMT rewards…. you’ll get your Rewards as per your share in total supply and volume is the key factor to rewards, it basically means that more volume, more Rewards & low volume, less rewards.

Contract will be renounced after achieving the Roadmap goals and completion of burning events.

EGMT will enter in metaverse by securing land in Sandbox etc. Then we’ll open a virtual Store to sell our NFTs and official merchandise of EGMT.

 If the project goes as per roadmap then we’ll do tie up with fitness brands and Gym chains to sponsor the fitness related events and the winners of competition will be rewarded with EGMT.


Andrea ferreira


Previus member of Son of btc team that was called by almost every big caller in crypto-space like Caesar,Travlad,messiah and etc.
Also worked on DK and SuperSayan.

Jay Metabillionaire

Ceo and project manager

Previus ADM of Son of btc team, DK , Meta.

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